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5 Steps to Motivate Your Audiences to Action


For more than 20 years, Gring Consultants has solved a wide variety of business challenges using a proprietary analysis process. Once we reach consensus on the most appropriate solutions, our team of creative associates know how to effectively implement programs and produce deliverables … down to the […]

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Secrets from My Undercover Life in the Service Trade


In 1963, Gloria Steinem went ‘undercover’, as a reporter with MS Magazine to work as a bunny at New York City’s Playboy Club. The magazine article that she wrote about that experience, entitled “A Bunny’s Tale,” told the public of the exploitative working conditions of the Bunnies. […]

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3 Keys to Staying Top-of-Mind with Customers


Staying top-of-mind with your prospects, clients, customers and donors is no easy challenge in this fast-paced, constantly changing world. New business plans-of-action must include more than digital communication deliveries. Granted, it is easy and cost-effective to consider personal e-mail messages, e-blasts and auto responses as the quick […]

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For more than two decades, Gring Marketing Consultants has successfully dissected ‘customer experiences’ from every angle.

Whether from the perspective of a property manager’s need to interface with tenants in a meaningful manner, to a real estate director’s need for a strategic approach to new business pursuits, to a not-for profit leader in need of meaningful interaction with donors and Board of Advisors, …. Gring Marketing Consultants has advised, authored, implemented and measured nearly 1,000 strategic plans to motivate audiences to take action.

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