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5 Steps to Motivate Your Audiences to Action

taking-stepsFor more than 20 years, Gring Consultants has solved a wide variety of business challenges using a proprietary analysis process. Once we reach consensus on the most appropriate solutions, our team of creative associates know how to effectively implement programs and produce deliverables … down to the smallest tactical detail.

Use these questions when exploring how to ‘motivate your tenants, customers or members to action’©.

  1. WHO specifically do you want to motivate?
    segment and profile your targets using research and business intelligence

  2. WHAT exactly do you want each targeted segment to do?
    concisely state the ‘desired result’ beginning with the word “to”

  3. WHEN is the deadline for reaching the ‘desired results’ indicated in the answer to #2?

  4. What challenges will we face in motivating each target audience segment to provide the ‘desired results’?

  5. IMAGINE YOU are one of the Targets when answering this key question:
    What is the single preferred way to reach, communicate or interact with each targeted segment? (in person, before/during/ and after a participating sporting event or other interaction opportunity, by e-mail, telephone, through an admin assistant, other)

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For more than two decades, Gring Marketing Consultants has successfully dissected ‘customer experiences’ from every angle.

Whether from the perspective of a property manager’s need to interface with tenants in a meaningful manner, to a real estate director’s need for a strategic approach to new business pursuits, to a not-for profit leader in need of meaningful interaction with donors and Board of Advisors, …. Gring Marketing Consultants has advised, authored, implemented and measured nearly 1,000 strategic plans to motivate audiences to take action.

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