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3 Keys to Staying Top-of-Mind with Customers

picnic-basketStaying top-of-mind with your prospects, clients, customers and donors is no easy challenge in this fast-paced, constantly changing world. New business plans-of-action must include more than digital communication deliveries. Granted, it is easy and cost-effective to consider personal e-mail messages, e-blasts and auto responses as the quick and efficient alternative.

However, to build and reinforce a solid communications platform, it is critical to explore unconventional and unforgettable communication strategies. Combine a minimum of 3 or more for memorable impact.

1. Enlist Direct Mail / Direct Delivery

Savvy new biz development experts are using direct mail to snag the attention of their recipients.

From hand written notes of appreciation to creative deliveries, sending key audience segments meaningful messages in both two and three dimensional formats is 10 times more likely to capture their attention, as is an emailed message.

At Gring Marketing Consultants, a phone call to a prospect or past client is reinforced with a direct mailed piece. 3-dimentional deliveries uniquely packaged herald consistent key messages:

  • We think creatively.

  • We plan meticulously.

  • We act decisively.


2. Make Memorable Personal Connections

A busy calendar of face-to-face interactions with prospects, key referral resources and current

clients will most likely to connect the dots to new business opportunities. This  is a critical component requiring weekly attention for ultimate success. Set a baseline goal of 4 one-on-one Customer contacts per month, equating with one planned Customer interaction per week.

Creatively offer invitations, based on individual time restraints and interests. An in-office picnic lunch (complete with picnic basket and flowers) might be the best opportunity to make a memorable impression for prospects with limited time. While a breakfast or lunch date at the newest restaurant in the client’s submarket might be just the right attention-grabbing invitation.
If you opt for the in-office picnic remember to leave behind the table top flower arrangement.

3. Inform & Educate Through Blogging

Staying on top of the information tsunami that you determine is key to your prospects’ success, must become a part-time commitment with daily activities focused on research, brainstorming and outlining useful material.  Interview clients and prospects regarding topics and useful tools they would be interested in knowing about. Consider a “blog-a-paloosa” session to develop a bank of concepts to explore.

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